London by the Sea–that’s been Brighton’s label for decades now; and with dozens of affordable Brighton hotels keeping the city’s sea-side charm intact, tourists from London and beyond continue to flock to this historic holiday town.

In the 18th Century, Brighton was “the” sea-side resort for all of the UK. The London elite holidayed at opulent Brighton hotels, and even royalty made the town their home away from home. Today, the city’s historic past remains alive in its fashionable town homes, Victorian squares, and quaint sea-side hotels

During the 19th century, trends changed, and more and more Britons began taking their holidays to continental Europe, along the Mediterranean or even to other UK destinations. As a result Brighton’s beautiful hotels were nearly deserted for decades. However, the construction of the famous Brighton pier and several amusement parks gradually pulled UK holiday-makers back to the coastal town.

Today, Brighton is again a popular historic destination, and a new wave of sea-side Brighton hotels are serving tourists from both the UK and abroad. A scant 52 miles from metropolitan London, Brighton’s hotels, restaurants and amusement parks are thriving once again. Besides catering to tourists, Brighton has carved out a niche as popular conference destination, and the city is now home to a growing community of high-tech, Internet and media companies.

The Brighton seafront features a long strand of sand-pebble beach, and between the city’s two piers you’ll find hundreds of bars, restaurants, night clubs and entertainment facilities. Fittingly, Brighton also has a designated nudist beach, for those who prefer an “au naturel” holiday.

Brighton Hotels vary from modest off-beach B&B’s to modern 4 and 5 star luxury resorts. Whether you’re a tourist, or doing business, you’ll find a huge variety of hotel choices from basic to lavish. Shopping is also plentiful in the city, with “mega” shopping outlets, clothing stores and antique shops lining several of the main thoroughfares. The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and the Booth Museum of Natural History are both big draws to the city and are an easy walk from dozens of Brighton Hotels.

Getting around Brighton is simple. The city’s bus service is good, and there is seldom a shortage of taxis. Brighton also has a night-bus service to limited locations, and the sea-side features the old Volks Electric Railway. The “Volks” is actually Britain’s oldest electric railway and worth a ride for the historic value alone.

The weather in Brighton tends to be mild, with warm summer months. Of course, this is still the UK we’re talking about, so sporadic rain showers are always a possibility. Tourists can enjoy the quaint historic atmosphere, and a breezy sea-side dining experience is never very far away. Brighton hotels offer the perfect UK holiday location, and easy access to the many charms of sea-side Britain.