Tuscany holidays are an enchanted adventure waiting to happen. From the magnificent vineyards to the quaint villages you will find something to give you awe and joy.

As you set out on your Tuscany holidays you will embark on a romantic and historical journey through centuries of magical enjoyment. Beginning with the Siena’s cathedral where construction began in 1229 and even after 200 years was never completed. Then off to Piazza del Campo, which is during July and August for hosting the Palio horse race and pageant each year. The Palazzo Sangedoni was constructed in 1216 and refurbished in 1339. This magnificent building curves around the square on the northeastern corner.

Tuscany holidays can also include riding around the many unique villages that dot the countryside. Many of the small and fascinating farmhouses have stood since 1520 and are a reminder of quieter times and sometimes hardships. But, no matter where you travel throughout Tuscany you will happen upon your own adventure, whether it is a quiet picnic for two, or a visit to a castle hidden away.

You may enjoy Tuscany holidays along the coast with crystal clear water and never ending beaches and cliffs that were created by the work of Mother Nature and the salty sea wind. The awesome view of this coastline is so breath-taking you may wish to just sit and marvel at the beauty. The coastline has several resorts where you many enjoy a night or two before heading farther inland to your next adventure.

Maybe you would rather visit Elba Island for your Tuscany holidays. This island is only inhabited partially and would be an adventure in itself to anyone that would love the serene beauty of secluded island. Just lying along the beach and taking in the beauty of island and the gentle breeze may be just what you need to enjoy all of your Tuscany holidays.