Have you ever wondered why so many people from all over the world love to go to Italy and spend their holidays renting Tuscan villas as their preferred accommodation? Ever since the first villas in Tuscany started being let for short-term holiday periods (usually weekly from Saturday to Saturday) around 30 years ago, the phenomenon has never stopped its growing trend. More and more people have jumped on the wagon creating a new housing trend that contributed so much to the valorization of the Tuscan countryside. Within few years what looked like a desolated and abandoned land turned into a well cared for landscape.

However, the first initiators of this trend were not Italians. As it often happens, it is someone else that makes you realize about the real value of what you have at hand. In this case it was well-off British and American people. They fell in love with Tuscany and started buying old rural homes that were falling a part after a long period of abandonment. Perhaps inspired by the narrations of Chaucer and Walpole, they started to carefully renovate the indoors and outdoors of their new properties in Tuscany. Undoubtedly, the English passion for gardening came at hand to organize large estates that for centuries had been used only for agricultural and breeding purposes.

Therefore, Tuscan villas that up to a few years before were priced well below their real value, started being sold at increasingly higher prices. With time and the development of a brand-new branch of the holiday rental market, the number of available farmhouses started lowering visibility. This brought up the current situation where there are beautiful villas on hilltops commanding spectacular views being left in ruins due to the high sales price requested. To the latter, indeed, you have to add the renovation costs, which often match the original sales price.

It must be said that if foreigners started this trend, Italians, or better Tuscans, were able to make it flourish. When you look for Tuscan villas to rent, you immediately realize why they are so popular. Those who got to stay in a villa usually define their experience very positively, often stating that pictures do not make justice to these countryside properties. The striking looks of these homes is given by their romantic looks preserved by the original structure and building materials, such as stone walls, brick arches, massive wood pillars sustaining roofs, cotto floors and lovingly tended-to gardens. The choice of traditional Tuscan furniture, whether it is original or in-style, compounds the splendid feeling of being in a special place.

Without any doubt, Tuscany villas help preserve Tuscan traditions and foster their discovery to ever coming enthusiasts from all parts of the globe. A high number of those choosing this type of accommodation keep returning to renew their experience in a land that always has something to be discovered.