Ancient lost cities, that have become legends for centuries, attracted the attention of many archaeologists, historians and ordinary lovers of adventures. The existence of some of the legendary cities is still not proven, that is why archaeologists and treasure hunters from around the world continue to search them very hard. Check them out, improve your acknowledge and satisfy your curiosity.

TroyDuring the centuries, many people wanted to discover the legendary Troy and the fabulous wealth, buried there according to the legends. Troy is one of the most popular lost cities in the world. It is known that the Greeks burned the whole city after they conquered it. There were many theories about the location of the city, but finally the ruins were discovered in Turkey before one century. The archaeologist found pretty much evidences, which convinced them that the secret of Troy is finally revealed.

BabylonBabylon is connected and associated with many legends. More than a thousand years Babylon has ruled over the known ancient world, but unfortunately now we can find only ruins.Some part of the goddess Ishtar gate were collected in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum.

Machu Picchu, the Incas’ most famous city was a mystery for more than 400 years after the conquest of Inca empire. But thanks to the American explore Hiram Bigman now we can enjoy the beauty and the power of that magnificent city.
The city was established in the heart of the jungle and today is still unclear why Incas chose exactly this location. The scientists only guess that they were guided by religious or astronomical factors.

Carthage, one of the strongest and richest cities in the ancient times, is now only ruins and remnants of clay. Maybe that is because the city was twice destroyed, once by the Roman and once by the Arabs. You will not regret for sure if you visit the city and feel the past there. It was a city of big heroes and ancient miracles.

You can find Petra in the mountains of Jordan. You will be astonished by the city with the pink walls. It is kind of hard to be reach, because you have to walk at about 1 mile through a narrow mountain gap. It is believed that the city was founded on this spot, because nearby there were three sources of water. Petra means “stone”, it is obvious why people named it like that. The homes and the temples are made straight into the rocks.

All these ancient cities are just a treasure for us. They give us a possibility to learn more about the ancient life and believes. Visit them just once if you have time and opportunity.