Oman is located in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, hundred miles away from Dubai, and is still waiting to be discovered by the fans of the Eastern exoticism. The climate is very dry and big part of the sultanate is desert and looks like a fairy tale - an endless sea of dunes. Its coastal line is 2092 km long and has a varied landscape - deep coves, long sandy beaches, lagoons, coral reefs and rocky islands.

The limestone mountains of Oman are carved out of the water and you can find many caves and underground galleries, which even can accommodate a 50-storey building. There is already a project to create a huge cave underwater park, which will allow many more people to enjoy the phenomenal nature. Several times during the year the sea near Maskad becomes magical phosphorescent veil. The accumulation of large quantities of plankton makes the waves in the night sea mysteriously flashing. It seems like there are millions of fireflies in the water. The islands, located at the north of the capital, are national reserve. Near the coast, where the mountains of the Musandam Peninsula descend vertically into the sea, are some of the the most beautiful dive sites in the world, with almostĀ  thousand species of fishes.

Oman’s capital attractively combines the relaxed atmosphere of the Indian Ocean with the ancient heritage and modern city life. Because of its strategic location Maskad has played an important role in this part of the world and was part of large empires like the Persian and Portuguese. Today, the fortress built by the Portuguese, have been turned into museum. You can also visit the sultan’s palace and the large mosque Al-Alam. For the past glorious times also reminds the Portuguese influence in the architecture of old buildings and the old market town. Antique shops, commercial complexes as SABCO and Al Harthy, and modern architecture make the city very interesting and exotic.

The roads of Maskad are wide and the speed of normal driving rarely falls below 120 km / h. There are not stop lights in the city and that is a little bit scary for the tourists. So it is better to take a taxi , but be careful, the price is not fixed, but negotiated.

The restaurants are within walking distance and within the hotels. Therefore, you can safely enter the Grand Hyatt, Intercontinental, Al Bustan Palace and order a drink in the amazing atmosphere of the hotel bar.

Do not hesitate to visit Oman. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, great nature, incredible shopping spots and malls and relax. Oman will give you the rest.