An Italy holiday will take you on a magical journey to snow capped mountains and lazy days on the Mediterranean beaches. From the quiet paced villages to the large and more active city of Rome, the culture, the history and the excitement beacons all to enjoy a unique stay in Italy.

Rome has always been a much traveled to area of Europe whether it was by tourists, merchants, or conquerors. The rich history and culture of Rome can be seen through the architecture that still survives. No matter where you venture in Rome you will find many fascinating things to try and view. The food, the locals, and shopping and the beauty make for an enjoyable Italy Holiday.

Florence could also be your way to enjoy your Italy Holiday. As you travel around Florence the main attractions have always been the river Arno, upon where Florence sits, The Ponte Vecchio which is the only bridge left in Florence after World War II, and of the Brunelleschi’s come on the Duomo.

Maybe Venice is more your style where you can enjoy relaxing while a gondolier in their striped jerseys serenade you while flowing through the city. Tourists have always loved visiting St. Mark’s Square and the canals that create a maze of beauty and culture. Enjoy exotic meals, shopping, or just watching the sunsets will give you a relaxing Italy holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.

Maybe for your Italy holiday you would like a more colorful and exciting town like Naples. You will hear rumors of unsavory characters, crime and chaos, but really Naples is a wonderful and happy town with a rich history and culture like no place else anywhere. It is home to ice cream and pizza among many other exciting inventions and culture.

As you can see Italy offers an array of wonderful cities and countryside for you to enjoy your Italy holiday.