There is a place in the world, where the beach is like powdered sugar and you just can not make a difference between the ocean and the sky. You can smell the unique flavor of coffee and cocoa everywhere. You can dance a whole day and enjoy your life like never before. This heaven on earth is called Dominican Republic.

dominican republicDominican Republic is located in the eastern part of the island of Haiti and covers a number of small islands in the group of large islands in the Caribbean Antilles. Columbus discovered the island in 1492 and since then its history was very interesting. The island was owned by Spain, France and Haiti, but in the middle of 18th century the desired independence from the local population was achieved and that was the beginning of the Dominican Republic.

Nowadays, the beautiful island is very exotic place with unique culture, Latino music and great architecture. But that is not all, do not forget the paradise beaches, tropical forests, coral reefs, majestic mountains, glorious waterfalls, clear lagoons and rivers. You can enjoy all these pleasures in Dominican Republic during the whole year. That is why it is so popular vacation destination. Some parts of the country are still wild and you can hide for a moment from the crowded resort visiting beautiful places and meeting many friendly local people.

Dominican Republic is well known for the production of sugar-cane, coffee, cocoa, tobacco and bananas. The major cities of the republic are San Domingo, Puerto Plata and San Pedro de Makoris. You have to know that the official language is spanish, but many people speak English and French. The resorts infrastructure is well developed. Actually, Dominican Republic is the country with the highest number of hotels in the whole Caribbean region. Most of them are houses in colonial style, surrounded by palm trees and beautiful gardens, in which you can see peacocks wander freely. The best resort in the country is Punta Cana. You will find there beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and great chances to practice sailing and windsurfing.The name of the Punta Cana resort comes from the name of the type of palm treesр that are most prevalent in these places.

Dominican Republic is considered one of the most attractive travel destinations in the world. This fame is due to the pearly white beaches, forests with coconut palms and ever smiling people. If you have a chance to visit the country do not hesitate. You will find out by yourself why people call Dominica paradise.