If your grown child is now ready for college, why not check out some of the unique institutions of knowledge available in the exciting United Kingdom? Of course, you can’t go to college with your son or daughter, but what if you could stay close by during the next four years? Consider purchasing a small home or condo in the same town or somewhere nearby, and you have a built-in accommodation for visits or holiday; later it may become a permanent resident for your college graduate or at least a vacation rental. (more…)

London by the Sea–that’s been Brighton’s label for decades now; and with dozens of affordable Brighton hotels keeping the city’s sea-side charm intact, tourists from London and beyond continue to flock to this historic holiday town.

In the 18th Century, Brighton was “the” sea-side resort for all of the UK. The London elite holidayed at opulent Brighton hotels, and even royalty made the town their home away from home. Today, the city’s historic past remains alive in its fashionable town homes, Victorian squares, and quaint sea-side hotels (more…)