Even with a sluggish economy and dismal unemployment numbers, we all need to get away now and then.  You may not be considering a cruise vacation because you think it is going to be way too expensive for you and your family to afford, but once you see what is included with these cruises you might change your mind.

Just to fly to a tropical location and pay for hotel reservations and food, it is going to cost you well over $3,000.   So what’s so great about cruise ships?  Kids can cruise for free.  Not every cruise line offers free passage for children, but there are a number of cruise lines that do.  These include: MSC Cruises, Disney, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Costa Cruises, and a few others.  The cruise lines that do charge for children offer discounted rates as well, so it’s not nearly as expensive as you may think. (more…)

Family holidays do not have to be filled with roller coaster rides and cotton candy for the children to enjoy every minute of your family holiday. There are many wonderful and exotic holidays available that adults and children will both enjoy from the beginning of the adventure until the very second it ends.

The world is full of exciting and unique places to travel that will give your family holidays a memorable experience other than just the thrill of a amusement ride that can be found at any state fair. When you begin to think about your family holidays consider such exotic places as the Galapagos Island, China, Costa Rica, Mexico, Turkey, Alaska, Belize, Tanzania, Egypt, Ecuador, and even such places as the grand canyon in the United States.

Family holidays are meant to be shared by the entire family and can have as much and excitement as you could imagine. Just think about riding mules down the Grand Canyon and camping out over night. This is one experience that will not be forgotten any time soon.

What about a cruise along the Alaskan Shoreline, no child would ever forget the beauty and the difference in this wonderful countryside, or maybe a family holiday in Belize where you and your children could explore the undersea adventures by snorkeling. Seeing the coral reefs, the fish and being able to be up close and personal is so much better than a trip down log flume.

Family holidays are ways to enjoy each other and to share what time and adventures together. Make the most of your family holidays by showing your children the world around them. You will enjoy these family holidays just as much as the kids and you will all take home memories that will last a lifetime. So, check out all the exotic places that you can find, maybe some are a lot closer than you ever imagined.