If your grown child is now ready for college, why not check out some of the unique institutions of knowledge available in the exciting United Kingdom? Of course, you can’t go to college with your son or daughter, but what if you could stay close by during the next four years? Consider purchasing a small home or condo in the same town or somewhere nearby, and you have a built-in accommodation for visits or holiday; later it may become a permanent resident for your college graduate or at least a vacation rental. (more…)

Have you ever wondered why so many people from all over the world love to go to Italy and spend their holidays renting Tuscan villas as their preferred accommodation? Ever since the first villas in Tuscany started being let for short-term holiday periods (usually weekly from Saturday to Saturday) around 30 years ago, the phenomenon has never stopped its growing trend. More and more people have jumped on the wagon creating a new housing trend that contributed so much to the valorization of the Tuscan countryside. Within few years what looked like a desolated and abandoned land turned into a well cared for landscape. (more…)

The Berkshires in Massachusetts have been called the Spa Capital of New England, and for good reason. If you want to hop in the car and get away to beautiful countryside, rolling hills, and fall foliage, you can also stop in one of the many spas for luxurious pampering. Many of the spas in the Berkshires are all about wellness. In addition to conventional spa services, some offer fitness activities, cooking classes, and group excursions.

There is a place in the world, where the beach is like powdered sugar and you just can not make a difference between the ocean and the sky. You can smell the unique flavor of coffee and cocoa everywhere. You can dance a whole day and enjoy your life like never before. This heaven on earth is called Dominican Republic.

dominican republicDominican Republic is located in the eastern part of the island of Haiti and covers a number of small islands in the group of large islands in the Caribbean Antilles. Columbus discovered the island in 1492 and since then its history was very interesting. The island was owned by Spain, France and Haiti, but in the middle of 18th century the desired independence from the local population was achieved and that was the beginning of the Dominican Republic. (more…)

Ancient lost cities, that have become legends for centuries, attracted the attention of many archaeologists, historians and ordinary lovers of adventures. The existence of some of the legendary cities is still not proven, that is why archaeologists and treasure hunters from around the world continue to search them very hard. Check them out, improve your acknowledge and satisfy your curiosity.

TroyDuring the centuries, many people wanted to discover the legendary Troy and the fabulous wealth, buried there according to the legends. Troy is one of the most popular lost cities in the world. It is known that the Greeks burned the whole city after they conquered it. There were many theories about the location of the city, but finally the ruins were discovered in Turkey before one century. The archaeologist found pretty much evidences, which convinced them that the secret of Troy is finally revealed. (more…)

Oman is located in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, hundred miles away from Dubai, and is still waiting to be discovered by the fans of the Eastern exoticism. The climate is very dry and big part of the sultanate is desert and looks like a fairy tale - an endless sea of dunes. Its coastal line is 2092 km long and has a varied landscape - deep coves, long sandy beaches, lagoons, coral reefs and rocky islands.

The limestone mountains of Oman are carved out of the water and you can find many caves and underground galleries, which even can accommodate a 50-storey building. There is already a project to create a huge cave underwater park, which will allow many more people to enjoy the phenomenal nature. Several times during the year the sea near Maskad becomes magical phosphorescent veil. The accumulation of large quantities of plankton makes the waves in the night sea mysteriously flashing. It seems like there are millions of fireflies in the water. The islands, located at the north of the capital, are national reserve. Near the coast, where the mountains of the Musandam Peninsula descend vertically into the sea, are some of the the most beautiful dive sites in the world, with almost  thousand species of fishes. (more…)